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Keeping your name in front of current and future clients can be a full time job. Let the experts at Midwest Signtech help with creative solutions.

The primary tool for graphic design is the creative mind. At Midwest Signtech we have the creative mind and edge. We create designs for things such as screen printing, logos, posters, vechicle wraps and business cards. Some of the illustrations created by Midwest Signtech, Jake Hillerns and Dustin Snell are being used by companies such as Freightliener Trucks, the Big Iron Classic Truck Show, MN Ice Hawks, Rockwood Products, KTTC, KAAL and Clear Channel.


At Midwest Signtech we have the ability to help you with all your advertising and marketing needs. Our commitment to our customers is to provide the highest quality graphic design, illustration, and marketing services. We can handle all aspects of the design process from initial concept to final production. We have the latest graphic design software and extensive design education and experience.

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- graphic design
- vehicle wraps
- business cards
- print media
- affordable logo design
- custom illustration
- full color banners
- floor graphics
- window graphics
- vehicle lettering & graphics
- large format printing
- screen printing
- custom decals
- voice talent
- commercial production
- web design

Logo Design

Confident branding and a strong branding strategy uses design to communicate a message that attracts the target audience that you want to attract - a message that creates confidence in your brand while differentiating between you and your competitors. Does your logo fulfill this mission? If your answer is no it may be time to consider strengthening your brand strategy and looking at a new logo to re-position your company. Before beginning the process of logo creation be sure that you have developed your brand strategy. Why? Your logo is like a small ad for your company, without the strategy behind it a logo can put across the wrong message and in return weaken your strategy. You want to keep your brand message consistent to help increase consumer recognition.

Custom Illustration

Illustration is a major part of the creative commercial graphic design work we do every day at Midwest Signtech. As illustrators our design experience spans a wide range of commercial artistic styles and can easily handle diverse requirements including logo design, packaging, brochures, Tee Shirts, posters and virtually any other graphic design idea you can dream up. If you're looking for an illustrator that can handle your job and get it done quickly you've come to the right place.

Vehicle Wraps

If you run a business the chances are that you have at least one company vehicle. Whatever line of work you're in, vehicle wrapping is a cost effective way to turn your car, van, taxi or truck into a professional and high impact, mobile advertisement. Wherever you drive you'll be building your brand and promoting your business.

“Wrapped vehicles not only place messages in front of target consumers, they also provide the opportunity for direct customer contact through coupon distribution, sampling and other promotional tactics,” notes Stephen Freitas, spokesperson for the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA).


Unlike traditional forms of outdoor advertising, vehicle advertising goes to where the people are. TopWrap vehicle wraps demand attention and gets the message to the highest visibility areas and most densely trafficked areas of cities, towns, parkades, shopping malls, restaurants, highways and byways.

Website Design

At Midwest Signtech we now offer web design. We offer an affordable solution to help you gain an internet presence. With technology being so readily available, this offers potential clents the ability to easily gain information about your company and services.

We can customize a website to fit your needs and give you a consistant feel through all of your marketing materials.

Tee Shirts

Screen printing design has become a popular way to express a message. From simple to complex designs, Our designers can come up with a design that will visually get your message across. We are specialists when it comes to screen print design and have the ability to create something for you that is unique. Check out these examples of some of the art we have created for customers.