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Listen to our customers. We stand behind the work we do and they stand behind us. We will gladly give you names and numbers of our customers and let you hear for yourself what they have to say about us.



America's Best Cleaning & Restoration Services

Americas Best"We would highly recommend Midwest Signtech for all of your graphic needs. We are in the process of changing the name of our business so instead of just putting the name of our business on the side of our cleaning vans, we decided to wrap all of our vehicles and trailers. Midwest Signtech has done an incredible job on the wraps. We are very pleased with the quality of work. Not only do the vehicles stand out when you see them passing on the street, it was at a very resonable price. Tim, Dustin and Christine have been great to work with! Furthermore, Dustin designed our logo, we love it so much. It's a unique design and is very fitting for us. Thank you for all of the wonderfull things you do."

The America's Best Staff

Falls Creek Animal & Pest Control

Falls Creek Animal and Pest ControlThere's been no better advertising then my wrapped vehicles, considering I'm passing thousands of potential customers per day. I have had people follow me into parking lots, approached me at gas stations and flagged me down on the highway. If you really want to stand out and make a point it's well worth it to wrap your vehicle. I spend a ton of money on advertising, this I think was the best bang for my buck.

Sean Francis